Maybe having some of these symptoms:

- Maybe you have constant humming in left ear/head, sometimes pitch sounds (buzzing) in the left or right side?
- Maybe when you sleep on your right side, with your right side of the head against the pillow you sometimes hear something like clock ticking?
- Maybe you think that one is being watched constantly, maybe looked for hidden cameras in the apartment where you live?
- Maybe you notice that people outside of your house are imitating your private moves and habits you do only in your privacy?
- Maybe you notice strange looks from the people around you, or comments?

- Maybe you notice people are crossing their arms often when in your presence?
- Maybe people around you are commenting a movie you saw or music you listened to?
- Maybe you have a feeling that people around you are reading your thoughts real time?
- Maybe you are often exposed to loud noise like drilling or you see an ambulance often and hear sirens?
- Maybe sometimes headache?
- Maybe unexplained sexual arousal in inappropriate situations? Or lack of it when there should be?
- Maybe you sometimes have strange dreams or images pop up when eyes closed?
- Maybe occasional sirens or strange voices on the left side of the head/ear?
- Maybe sometimes you hear clicks like a morse code or cricket sound on the left side of your head/ear?
- Maybe sometimes you find yourself constantly talking to yourself from the inside of your head?
- Maybe you sometimes felt tingling sensation on your head?
- Maybe your eyes get wet often?
- Maybe you sometimes sleep to much and sometimes can't sleep at all or stay up all night?
- Maybe you sometimes feel something on the left side of your chest, and you think it might be the heart?
- Maybe you sometimes feel or felt stiffness in your neck?
- Maybe you sometimes had ticks on your head or restlessness in your hands or legs and it went away suddenly like it came?
- Maybe sometimes you feel numbness in your fingers, arms or legs?
- Maybe you sometimes felt something like somebody is poking you in the eye with something sharp?
- Maybe you sometimes noticed changes in your voice tonality?
- Maybe you sometimes have bad skin and sometimes is fine, noticed changes and having circulation and digestion problems?
- Maybe you sometimes felt dizzy when standing up and it went away suddenly like it came? Sometimes you might even lost consciousness?
- Maybe yo were forced to psychiatric care and forced to take drugs like risperidone or spent some time in a mental hospital?
- Maybe you told the police or doctors what is happening to you and you just got a schizophrenia diagnose and maybe some mental hospital time?
- Maybe while in mental hospital for the first time they performed medical tests on you which you were aware of, like taking your blood, putting electrodes on your head and measured output - EEG, or put you inside some kind of CT
machine where you spent 20 or more minutes and felt tingling in your chest while inside?
- Maybe you look much younger then you really are?
- Maybe you live in infamy and have no friends?
- Maybe you have no wife/girlfriend or husband and no kids?
- Maybe you can't find work or they've put you on disability pension or you work only low level, low pay jobs?

Somewhere in 50's or 60's:

Over dinner one night, Hitchcock related to Ernest Lehman his giddy enthusiasm for what North By Northwest is really about.He said, "Ernie, do you realize what we're doing in this picture? The audience is like a giant organ that you and I are playing.At one moment we play this note on them and get this reaction, and then we play that chord and they react that way.And someday we won't even have to make a movie---there'll be electrodes implanted in their brains, and we'll just press different buttons and they'll go 'ooooh' and 'aaaah'' and we'll frighten them, and make them laugh. Won't that be wonderful?"

"We need a program of psychosurgery for political control of our society. The purpose is physical control of the mind. Everyone who deviates from the given norm can be surgically mutilated. The individual may think that the most important reality is his own existence, but this is only his personal point of view."

Jose Delgado

From February 24, 1972 book from Dr. Peter R. Breggin: "The return of lobotomy and Psychosurgery":

“Delgado Is working on the ultimate Lobotomy-Direct long term physical control human beings.”
“Again despite his denials that there is anything reminiscent of 1984 about all this, he has been working on remote control of humans by computer which can select and Inhibit various  emotions  as   they  are  detected  and  recorded from  brain  waves."
"A  two-way radio  communication system could be established between the brain  of a subject and a  computer ... anxiety, depression, or  rage could be  recognized In order to trigger stimulation of  specific Inhibitor, structures."

Well, I'll just give you a couple of hints via music (I've created a YouTube Playlist - Exposing games psychiatrists play):

Searched the Internet for Mind Control or Targeted Individuals, Confused? I can't say exactly welcome considering what might brought you here.


MIND CONTROL PLAY LIST - Exposing games psychiatrists play