Madminster is an anagram from "Mind Master" or "Mastermind", It is only one letter different from MadMonster and I learned that the hard way... believe me.

Have a feeling that people around you know your thoughts? Or they might be even listening it real time? Strange dreams or even nightmares stalk you at night? Totally confused?
Well, I got to tell you that these people around you are some kind of psychiatrists (I estimate more than 99% of people in developed countries or even more these days) and YOU my friend are NOT. Same rules that apply to them don't apply to you. You my friend are being put on non stop surveillance by those people. Human race are they called. Everything can be OK in your life if you live average Joe life, but if you push the freedom's ring like change your name, try to become a star, actor, tattoos, crime, drugs, porn, gay... I have to warn you, that is their domain - they can do it, YOU can't. They have to put you into your place. Freedom of choice is made for you my friend.