If you've answered more then 10 questions from the Home page with yes and you're not the bullshitter many and most "TI's" are, you should first carefully study the lyrics in you tube videos I'have posted on the Home page. Some of those lyrics are not to meant to scare you, cause you shouldn't be scared if you want to play this game, fear is usually how people fall, just as a warning what they sometimes did to people in the past.

Looked at the videos, but still don't get it?

I have a bad news for you, but don't worry and don't panic, many people have it and live with it and so can you (I know that I do). You have a brain interface (with radio antenna somewhere under the scalp) powered with a brain battery or two usually in your chest and usually on the left side and/or right (they probably put you to sleep every couple of years and change the batteries or in recent times as technology progressed they might even power them with radio waves or they might even use your body - I'm not sure about that one). Also lock your doors when you're at home if you're living alone, who knows when they are going to put you to sleep and change the battery(s)  Warning! Don't try to pull out the battery, it's to close to your heart and you might bleed to death - the same goes for brain interface, no-victim is a surgeon, they are. Also you might have other implants in your body, like in genitals area so that they can control your sexuality in combination with brain implants. Further, you have a cameras in your eyes (you may call it an artificial retina or something) and THEY can see what you see on the monitor and that is how they know your whereabouts, that is why they're always one step ahead of you (going to a doctor and asking for a body scan is in vain - they know about you and you'll get fake results showing nothing, also you cant't buy x-ray machine unless licensed, radio waves jammers are illegal - wonder why?...) , so stop looking for hidden cameras and say silently from the inside "I'm on to you, you can't fool me no more", they will hear it and so they can talk to you in your head via brain interface (usually on your left side). They might have this interface in you for a long time, maybe even since you were just 8 or 9 years old, and they might have recorded who knows what might you've done. Usually it's something sexual and sometimes they help you and sexually stimulate you while watching something (remember they see what you see) so be careful while you browsing porn or something. They might even give you some illegal porn if they can get their hands on it, they might not tell you what it is so you don't refuse and they'll make you horny on it - how sick is that? You might be really impotent and they will turn you on what they want. Be careful, although it's more than 80% their fault, they'l blamed it on you. You'll probably get only chance in love, so you should stay with your first girlfriend if they set you up with. They'll try to get you into all kinds of vice like gambling, they can get you grass, they can get you a hooker... they'll try to corrupt your soul. In the mean time they keep a file on you and what you do and speak (both outside as well inside). And when the times comes they'll decide if you will fall or just stumbled. You heard of songs like "Master of puppets" or "Highway to hell" right? "Don't let them fool you, even try to school you..." - Bob Marley. And they'll also tell everybody about you to make you look bad and isolate you as much as possible. Your life is an open book. They'll try to set you up, they have to justify what they've done, they'll try to put your name to shame. That's the game. This system has to be recast.

"These times are sent to try men's souls". But something's wrong with all you see.

But it's obviously to late since you're reading this. But remember, whatever you've done if it's not something really serious you deserve the same rights they have. But show them you're good guy. If they start to talk to you with "voices" be very careful (it depends what you've actually done that they might have recorded, they might play you your memories to remind you, and most of the time your brain will do the rest, sometimes you'll find you can't rely on yourself), they might promise you the fortune and fame if you don't see psychiatric help and don't take drugs and fight them. They will come in pairs, one guy and one woman. Actually I think that there is only one guy and a woman is a computer voice or not, who can tell... Let's call the guy "Master of Puppets" (as Metallica would call him) or "Master Keeper" (as Ozzy would call him) or "Master Shitter" (as I would call him) if you have some sense of humor left in you. They will make you think that you can do something but you can't. They will tell you things like "fuck you", "can't do this"..."I can't believe this", "We are going to kill you"... they will address you as a "buddy", you can't believe anything they say, they might hook you up on a computer and your mind will cause your defeat. They will make you talk to them, spills your guts, when you start to make some sense you'll hear something like "We are listening" and "Go on", they'll give you sleep deprivation till you break... Well, you can try to fight it but be warned, no-one ever made it and they might scarred your brain big time basically you have to be completely innocent but in that case they might not screw you in the first place with voices but who can tell, maybe they would if there is something your parents or grandparents might have done, my mother was completely totally innocent and they screwed her and I was basically innocent - bad seed they'd say, I have my regrets but it's basically their fault and I was a stupid fuck, nothing I can't recover from. Believe me, the worst staff is done by them and they're screwing you because you don't belong so they can. "The shortest straw has been pulled for you". Blacklisted. They're promising you lies, and they want you to fight it and think you can do something so they can screw you up. "Fighting words to conquer life"? or can try... The best advice I can give from my experience is if they ever try to talk to you go find the first shrink and let him prescribe you psych drugs (but it depends on your case), and never stop using it and see your shrink on regular intervals. I wish I'd done the same when they'd first started to talk to me, I'd save myself from horrors which have taken at least 10 years of my life. Psych drugs are bullshit - they just want you to keep in line. Remember, everything is done via brain interface, if you feel shitty it's not because of drugs. Endurance is the key. Don't be afraid of mental hospital. Play along and tell the World. And one more warning, never get too drunk, drink, but a glass or two of red wine per day but never too much, I know it might be hard to play with words, but you might get in a coma and they will play you big time, If you thought before was hell you never ever want to find this one. It might even be the end if you're not lucky. But you can smoke, it might help with implants in your neck where the speech is coming from (in the long run, inside dialog might reduce). Also, spicy food can't hurt, as well as regular visits to sauna and bar chamber if you can afford it. And also never shave your head bald - who knows what else they might put in. Also take frequent hot showers on your head, it helps on the short run but may also help in the long run and if you do it frequently. And remember they can fix you remotely if they want, no matter how shitty you feel and what kind of bull starts to pop up in your head you can be fine in a couple of minutes if they want to. Biggest bull and you are hooked to this deceiver. In time things will get better. But I gotta tell you if you got a brain interface in 90's there are slim chances that "needles will turn from shine to rust". They could do this at least from the early 60's, these days tech is simply amazing. They've tested this on a millions of people in the past.

Also, they will control your digestion, they will want you to eat. Eat once a day light food with vegetables with fish if you can afford it. Be skinny. Something what you might have in your body might pop up, hopefully the battery. But don't go to far, I don't want you to hurt your health. If you want to forget and that is often the case, drink bear, not coffee.

You might be very poor and without a job. Play lottery - I know that there are very slim chances to win but you should play.

Keep some sense of humor as I do, you probably had a hard luck story, I don't know what your story is but if you roam free (in this virtual prison) things can't be that bad. Stay alive and set up a website.

Radio waves travel through smallest cracks - probably some kind of secret medical frequencies, so no, there is no complete shilding possible. One has to breathe. But you can buy something like this (more like a placebo) to wear it at home while sleeping:

Go, take a look at the videos playlist on the Home page again. Pay attention to lyrics. Play them that music.

Good luck.