"Perps" are like some kind of "psychiatrists" around the World and I don't mean doctors as they want you to believe when you say psychiatrists, doctors are just part of it -to officially deal the drugs, hidden ones are pulling the strings, they used to lock people in mental hospitals and experiment on them there, in the past if you were declared "mad" you were basically screwed and they could do whatever they want to you, this changed in the last 60 years. It started more than 150 years ago, First ones that had the right to put someone in mental hospital were blue blood families, people in power, police, doctors, employees of mental hospitals... then they recruited others from every walks of life, chances are most people these days are members simply by blood line. In the last 50 years technology advanced so they don't keep people who didn't do anything serious locked, they keep them in virtual prison. This is old, very old and built into Worlds society. They are the biggest rock stars, porn stars, shock artists, horror movie directors, actors, gay people... no-one else (I'm talking about those few rejected from the Society) is allowed to pull something like that - they get screwed if they try. Check out music on the home page. The Police in every country has a record of everyone born in that country. They are allowed to have multiple personalities, to lead double lives. Before they used to lock people who were not them and might pushed the envelope to much, for example in the past they had some silly rules that only them can have a tattoo or are allowed to change their name. They're known to exterminate whole families - they'd dig secrets like incest or something worst like pedophilia (witch-hunt is riding) and they used it as a reason to destroy someone. Sometimes you might just have a wrong family tree ("toxic deity"?) and it might be something your parents might have done (your life might have been planned even before your birth), or so they say (and if that's the case they'll try to set you up in order to somehow justify what they've done to you, they'll fake staff, don't let them break you), - but if some of them does something illegal police and courts are involved and no-one can do this to them and psychiatrists have the right of free and private thoughts - your thoughts can be the reason why if you didn't do anything. I'm describing here what they usually do to men cause it's easier to set them up, for women they usually give only physical symptoms or not? They can take places of parents and put children in a mind control program, take take over their family name, but usually they don't touch them before they turn 18 or maybe 21 if in US - so they say that schizophrenia develops around that age - biggest bullshit ever like the one "It runs in a family". They are now performing Mind Control on unrestrained subjects as they might call them (go google Jose Delgado Physically controlling the mind - published in 60's). It's about involuntary experiments and monitoring big brother style done by brain interfaces and telemetry. They played me like a cat is playing with a mouse, it's all done with brain interface, they used to want me to think that someone is trying to poisoning me, for example when I was in a coffee shop and started drinking the coffee they'd do something on my brain interface so I would hear strong humming in my brain when I was drinking coffee... all psych game, remember those stories how schizophrenics think that someone is trying to poison them? Voices = schizophrenia - cover up for this. We are lucky they don't keep us locked in a mental hospitals and experiment any more although if you end up in a mental hospital or even regular hospital who knows what might they put in your body (as well as dentists, so you better brush your teeth) - but one shouldn't worry much about it - better that then if they get you to "fight words to conquer life" cause it might get dark, so dark (they might hook you to a computer and then the god help you...) - it depends on your case. I think they secretly want someone to somehow breaks free but it never happens. It's a fight against society. So when you think that someone is harassing you and wants to annoy you, remember to keep calm, they're some kind of "psychiatrists" and they have to do what those inside of your head tell them to, they know your weakest spots. You can see why they're called some kind of "psychiatrists". And one more thing, mental hospital these days are full of them, they get all kinds of benefits from the Government (meaning: to control the mind) of the Country they're in and they have to keep the myth of "mental patient" alive (so "psychiatrists" get recruited to pose as patients and play a game, they have an obligation to the society) , otherwise mental hospitals would be empty, so if they ever force you don't be afraid, just play along and stay always calm. I, personally was in a situation where I turned myself in to the mental hospital a few times and told employees there "Look, I'm here, what else do you want from me, I'm doing my best, tell them to stop harassing me with voices and let me sleep." Sometimes, they'll harass me for a couple of days more but I knew it would be better, so I survived, it wasn't easy but I survived, I even beat them in chess while inside. I even managed to keep my job for a 11 years now. And yes, most "TI"s you'll encounter to (more than 99%) are actually "psychiatrists" playing games and when they realize who are them talking to they'll try to fill you up with lies and lead you in the wrong direction, make you chase a ghost - they have to. They'll say things to you like: "You don't need implants for this", "neighbors are hitting me with DEW", "it's Tesla scalar waves...", "it's alien technology", "it's masons...", "it's CIA, NSA, secret services, military..." - they'll pretend to be your friends to make waste your time or they'll try to bully you and push you off the forum by saying that you are "perp", troll or something, scare you off, or they might ignore you completely when they find out about you, many of them are posing as a mental patients in real life, I guess that good old schizophrenia is no more in. Don't let them fill you up with lies. Don't let them fool you. What I'm describing here is the only real thing that actually exists in this World.

And also many of "psychiatrists" have a brain interface also and don't be surprised if they (people around you) hear your
thoughts (internal dialog) broadcast in their ear real time. Just in their case it's used to enhance a standard of living, communicate silently, cure insomnia, impotence, tremor, Parkinson's, epilepsy, blindness, loss of hearing (how do you think deaf people hear), increase awareness, concentration, increase someone well being and productivity... Looks like that those of them who play the most with their interface are one of the greatest psychiatrists. You're goal should be to become one. Can the slave become the Master? I think NOT because you have to be totally innocent (that's the good question, who the fuck is totally innocent - basically when I look at my constructed life I didn't do shit at least anything that serious, I think they've got into voices staff because I refused to take psych drugs and refused to live as a mental patient, probably walked in their shoes to much, maybe it was meant to be for me to find out and publish it all) and know everything about it to pull this off, but again if you were like Mother Theresa, in that case you'd probably spent entire lifetime without knowing that they can see through your eyes and listen to your thoughts and never realize this, but you'd have a chance to live as a mental patient. Never free, never them.

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Good luck, and whatever you do stay alive. Listen to Bob Marley "Could you be loved", "They say: Only fittest of the fittest shall survive. Stay alive."

You know, this  thing about hidden psychiatrists I was told as a kid but didn't pay any attention to it until my 30's when SOB's in my head reveled themselves. Since then I told that to many people and I got a quite of few  nodes... You know, I don't mean medical  shrinks who deal  drugs and are officially known as psychiatrists. I mean some people (these days most people cause only they survived) who have rights to do this to people like me and play them... the others are few these days.. And I can assure you it's the only real thing in this World and I'm willing to bet my life on it. There are not many survivors like me, but those few deserve the truth. Someday soon "psychiatrists" will be only ones left in this World so I guess the rules will change... who can tell what those will be, abolish psychiatry maybe? Maybe the brain interface powered with battery is a future of man kind and everybody would have it and you are just being used as a guinea pig. It's about time that someone breaks this code of silence.

This is what psychiatrists make publicly available:

Is there anybody out there? Or nobody to play soldier these days but me?